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Welcome to Everpine, our little farm in North Georgia! We’re the Shuman family and we’d love to share our big little life with you. Come read about our adventures and how we made our dreams of small farm living a reality. My name is LaShelle. I’m a wife of 17 years to my wonderful husband Robert, and the mother to our sweet boy “Nikolai”. As a family, we’re passionate about gardening, raising our own meat, home décor, cut flowers, and little house living. We thrive on mountain air, tea, and coffee.

Thanks so much for visiting, we hope you stick around!

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“Some call it the middle of nowhere, I call it the center of my world.”

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Hi, I’m LaShelle. Previously a full time photographer, but I traded that in for small farm life where my only source of Wifi is on my cell phone or in town. When I’m not spending time on our farm, I enjoy exploring with my family. I love writing, gardening, hiking adventures, and all things four legged, furry, or covered in feathers!