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Coming Home

Spring in North Georgia among the pines and wildflowers gives off a similar experience as autumn. You can smell floral notes on the breeze as colors of red, florescent green, pink, and purple paint the wood line and open themselves up to rolling hills. Ribbons of gold thread their way through spiral black-tops that wind up mountains and weave through farmland. It’s enough to have us rolling down our car windows or opening up every door in our little house… even when that means that we have to chase the ducks and chickens out.  

The hummingbirds who dine on spring blooms have been bravely coming up to my house, sitting on my planter boxes and knocking on the windows. If I’m not quick enough with my early morning chores I have more than just my farm animals to lecture me for it. There’s a family of blue jays that like to steal left over cat food from my six barn cats. They sit on the electrical wire or sometimes on nearby tree limbs, they puff out their feathers and make sharp chirping sounds as if they are telling me off when I get behind.  

There’s a squirrel who lives in a tree on our new property who has a habit of tormenting Tallulah. She’ll come down, flick her bushy tail, make noises to catch Tallulah’s attention and then bound right back up into her nest again. Tallulah will make chase and stand on her hind legs frantically barking in desperation of catching her until that funny little squirrel cackles with laughter. Tallulah will get frustrated and find a spot to sulk until that silly creature torments her all over again.

One of the best things about living out here is that even when we’re gone from home for a day or a few hours… we miss it deeply. I’ve never lived somewhere that despite the endless list of work that needs to be done, felt more like a vacation than an actual vacation does. Of course, that’s not to say that I won’t change my mind and feel desperate for a vacation after all the excitement of this next week. We’ve hired a digging company to remove and replace our culvert (the large pipe that allows our creek to flow underneath our driveway), as well as an electrical company who’s coming to re-wire and fix our well issues.  

It’s been at least a couple of months since our well went out and we’ve had to run it off of a generator in order to have flowing water in the house again. We have also occasionally hooked up the rain water collection tank as well. My hair has never felt more amazing than on the days when I get hot rainwater showers, but I can’t wait to be able to turn on the faucet without having to take a walk down to the well house to do it. All of that aside, it’s officially gardening season and I’m behind. I had planned on starting seedlings but with all the construction I wasn’t sure where to put them… so I waited.  

The most recent plan is the one I had been hoping for all along. We’re going to take down and remove Harlow’s original pasture and make a new pasture on our recently obtained property. We’ll be chopping down trees, stacking trunks to use as fencing material, and creating a much larger space for both our boys (Harlow & Caspian). I’m certain I’ll get to experience exactly how my mom and my grandparents felt when they we’re doing similar things for the forestry service like I wrote about last week

The old pasture will become our new gardening oasis. Harlow and Caspian’s composted manure will be good food for fragile seedlings. We’ll clean our bunny coop out and add that manure to our garden as well as the adding all of the left-over scraps of hay from the horse trailer where we store our bales. I even have several piles of compost from Harlow and Caspian’s stalls that I’ve been churning, as well as compost piles inside of our chicken coop! 

Having the entire pasture to use as a garden this year will greatly improve how much we are able to harvest. This autumn we’ll dismantle the ugly cement blocks that protect our well house and replace them with a greenhouse so that we can continue planting and growing things throughout the winter. Since the well has access to power, we’ll be able to run a heater that will keep the pipes and pump from freezing over while keeping our plants warm from bitter wind and frost. This will essentially fix several problems all at once.  

As I said in “The Leap” buying the land to add to our property was only the beginning. The work that comes after is what shapes it into what it can become and how it can provide for us. It’s a wonder that the love we put into the soil, we get back ten folds. The work load is overwhelming to be sure… but it’s also invigorating! Our peach and apples trees are dappled with blooms. It won’t be long until I’m filling baskets to the brim with fruit and hauling fresh cut flowers into the house.

Nikolai playing with bugs 🐞
Since I rarely post selfies… hey there! It’s me!

24 thoughts on “Coming Home”

  1. I love Nikolai’s legs tucked under him in a way that only the young and flexible can do. And that’s a beautiful selfie!

    I love this description of all that you are dreaming, building and doing. What a life! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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  2. Oh wow, even your selfies are much higher quality than average. You really have a gift with photography. I should probably try to learn it, as it will probably benefit my own creative pursuits. Btw, it’s nice to see a face behind the blog!

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  3. I like reading about the developments on your property and future goals. How wonderful to live somewhere and love it so much that it feels better than what most people would describe as their vacation.

    Our dog is quite the squirrel follower, though she doesn’t seem to get as agitated with them as your dog. We find her camped under a tree, entirely focused on their movements.


  4. Your rainwater shower sounds divine! I’ve always dreamed of living on a farm, but that feels like one path I’ll probably never go down. Luckily I can follow your journey and read all about how you transform the land. It sounds so difficult, but I imagine the rewards are innumerable.

    You are stunning, by the way! My daughter is a red-head too. I knew I liked you ❤️

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    1. Awe!! I LOVE other natural redheads. The best part of my rainwater showers is that my husband was able to hook it up to the hot water tank that goes into the house!!! So it’s not like taking regular rain showers where it would be cold water 🥰 they are my FAVORITE

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  5. The best part about embarking on a new journey is the beginning, right before all the exciting/fun/amazing things happen! It sounds like you’re just at the start of a new beginning with this new property and I am envious (in a nice way 😀) of that new adventure for you!! How exciting!

    P.S. You are beautiful! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the compliment ☺️ and how right you are! New beginnings are the absolute best 🥰. Farm life is exciting but also tons of work 🥴 I’ve been so busy this week that I’ve been working from sun up to sun set. My husband and I have been exhausted. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment and I’m sorry it took a couple days for me to get t back to you!

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